Strategic Political Communication and Campaigning Seminar for sub-Saharan Africa

FNF Hosts Liberal Political Party Communicators from Ten African Countries
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

“Political solutions for Africa must come from Africa and nowhere else.” Regional director Jules Maaten opening the Strategic Political Communication & Campaigning seminar that took place in Johannesburg on 4-7 September 2018. Guests with liberal connections from Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mauritania, South Africa, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo were in attendance. 

The Seminar was for individuals from African political parties who are involved in campaigning and communication on behalf of their parties, as well as those who would hoped to gain more knowledge and experience in this field. It included experts in the campaign field and participants from the African continent in their varying capacities in party strategic political communication and campaigning.

Some of the programme activities looked at: 

  • Structuring an Election Campaign: Structures, Principles & Opportunities: Input, Working Groups & Discussion 
  • Political Communication: Innovation & Learning
  • Political Innovation: Information Management, Visualisation & Digital Campaigns
  • Digital Campaiging and Social Media in 2018

Campaign professional, former Member of Parliament and FNF board member Mr Manfred Richter also had a session titled “Death and Resurrection” looking at the campaign that got the German Liberals, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), back in parliament in the 2017 German elections.

Mar Babacar who represents the REMWI political party in Senegal is quoted at the end of the four day event saying “the reinforcement of our core values, in this case the values of liberalism, the creative use of affordable & reachable platforms, using pictures more as they help in spreading our messages clearly and quicker, being more consistent and knowing our audience” as some of the main points that came out of the Strategic Political Communications and Campaigning Seminar for sub-Saharan Africa.