Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom sub-Saharan Africa

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom opened its office in Dakar in 1980 and has been managing its West African projects from this location since 2006. In the political sphere, the FNF collaborates with parties of the country’s so-called “liberal family”. The Foundation’s support of the oldest Senegalese liberal party, the Parti Démocratique Sénégalais (PDS), significantly contributed to the democratic change of power in 2000, and cooperation continues to take place at all levels: national, regional, and at local government level. Together with the PDS and its affiliated organisations (youth wing, students’ association and women’s league) the Foundation addresses a variety of political topics such as the basics of parliamentary work, parties’ intra-democracy and pilot projects relating to the decentralization of local government. Within the “Liberal Forum” an array of liberal political stakeholders come together to discuss a wide range of political and economic issues.

FNF also works with a number of civil society organisations such as the FNF-Alumni network RAFON and the network of young liberal experts REEL, founded by RAFON. The FNF also has a longstanding partnership with Forum Civil, the Senegalese branch of Transparency International, concentrating on fighting corruption and promoting citizen participation in political processes. Together with the regional private sector partner Institut Supérieur du Management (ISM), the Foundation prepares economics graduates for entrepreneurship. In addition, the Foundation works closely together with the regionally active organisation Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (RSE) on the topic “the role and responsibilities of business in society”. A cornerstone of FNF’s work not only in Senegal but in the whole West African region is human rights. In collaboration with the International Institute of Human Rights (IIDH) situated in Strasbourg, the Foundation holds annual seminars and several training sessions for judges, prosecutors, lawyers, human rights activists and journalists from francophone sub-Saharan Africa. These events take place in various West African locations.