Practice in Creation Optimisation of Blogging, Web Writing and Cyber ​​Security

FNF Côte d'Ivoire hosted its first Blog Training Workshop on 4 May

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Côte d'Ivoire Fondation Friedrich Naumann Côte d'Ivoire hosted its first Blog Training Workshop on Friday 4 May 2018, training participants on Blogging and Cyber ​​Security. The workshop was themed: Practice in Creation Optimisation of Blogging, Web Writing and Cyber ​​Security. The workshop was facilitated by Yehni Djidji, president of Bloggers Association of Côte d'Ivoire. The digital space is an important platform for promoting freedom across sub-Saharan Africa. With good objective reporting, bloggers can reach any audience. It is thus crucial that bloggers are trained well and are aware of cyber security treats that exist. Atelier Blogging, who participated at #BlogUPFNF225 shares 5 reasons why the workshop was a success. 

"First Reason - Good Programme:  The participants were treated to an excellent programme adapted to different themes. We learned a lot in record time. 

Second Reason - Mastering Themes: Trainers Yehni Djidji and Cyriac Gbogou were fluent in their subjects and this helped us to understand things and allowed us to ask various questions and we had more than satisfactory answers.

Third Reason - Good Moderation from the Moderator: Magloire N'Déhi who did the moderation of the training did it well. He knew how to orient us in the course. 

Fourth Reason - Respect of the Themes of the Training: The learning outcomes were consistent with the themes of the training. Yehni Djidji taught us how to create and optimise a Blog [WRITING FOR THE WEB] and those who did not have a blog could create it live.

Fifth Reason - Learner Participation: The twenty participants did not hesitate to ask questions to learn as much as possible from the trainers and that was good. Interaction between the trainers and the participants makes it easier to understand of the information being given."