Policyvault.Africa Wins The Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge

What It Takes To Innovate For Freedom
Announcement21.11.2019Mthoba Chapi
Policy vault
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

FNF Africa Congratulates Policyvault.Africa for having what it takes to innovate for freedom!  Their innovation wins the 2019 FNF Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge.

 We asked...

 How can we improve democracy through innovation so that our societies can progress? "We're liberals. And liberals are optimists. But optimism doesn't mean that we're naive. Optimism means that we believe in progress." FNF chairperson Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Paqué when launching the United Nations of Innovation #HackingDemocracy summit in #Berlin on Wednesday, 6 November 2019!

 This year, FNF Africa launched the Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge to show how we can counter many of the challenges faced by our societies today through innovation. The winning innovation of the 2019 FNF Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge, PolicyVault.Africa, was invited to Berlin, Germany to showcase their innovation to the world. 


Mthoba Chapi

Communications Officer