Mobilising Women Against Violent Extremism in Mali

"The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Still Invests in Mali"
News17.07.2018Bamako News
Timbaktu Institute

Represented to the Minister of Women of the Republic of Mali, at the opening of the seminar to strengthen the capacity of Malian women against violent extremism, the director of legal affairs of the Ministry welcomed the "commitment" of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for "the improvement of the conditions of women and their emancipation for economic and social development".

Indeed, following the study conducted by Timbuktu Institute-African Center for Peace Studies on "Women and Prevention of Violent Extremism in Mali" in 2017, a number of recommendations were made. As the Friedrich Naumann Foundation expected, an operationalization of the recommendations was a strong demand from stakeholders. "Among the many recommendations related to the study's findings were the strengthening of the capacity of civil society to improve the legal frameworks to combat radicalization, enlargement - to the gender dimension - scientific research on the issue of radicalization, the implementation of advocacy and awareness campaigns with the authorities for better enhancement of the role of women in conflict resolution, etc . "Recalls Dr. Bakary Sambe Professor at the Center for the Study of Religions (CER) Gaston Berger University of St. Louis (Senegal).

Dr. Sambe, also coordinator of the Observatory of Radicals and Religious Conflicts in Africa belonging to the Timbuktu Institute that he directs, had insisted a lot on Ms. Kenza Daldoul and Ms. Inge Herbert, Resident Representative of the Naumann Foundation in Dakar for the put in place concrete and immediate actions for a better inclusion of women in action against violent extremism.

It is in this context that the Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Dakar proposed this training seminar for women that brought together more than thirty women from the largest women's organizations in Mali and civil society on July 5th and 6th. According to a participant, Mrs. Traoré Fanta Coulibaly, very committed since the 80s to a better emancipation of women in particular by the Arts, "this training really answered a real need that is still there. It is therefore necessary that this capacity-building action be continued until the training of trainer to disseminate the results of the various workshops ".