From Hobby Chef to Restaurant Owner

Alfred George Kiwuyo and Pweza Cafe
Feature15.05.2018Denise Dittrich
Alfred George Kiwuyo

How a former seminar participant from Tanzania became a successful restaurant owner.

Being a member of Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA), I came to engage with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Tanzania when I was working as a leader in two positions, as Head of Lobbying, Advocacy & Networking and as Executive Secretary in 2010. In 2014, I had an opportunity of attending a workshop on “Political Avenue to Opening Markets and Promoting Entrepreneurship” held at International Academy for Leadership (IAF) in Gummersbach, Germany. Since then I have been a mentor and a trainer to young entrepreneurs on business planning development and entrepreneurship. 

The in-class knowledge I got when I attended the IAF workshop was very powerful, and the practical experience I got when we visited a young entrepreneur in one of the streets in Hamburg changed my perception of risk. I realised that it was not a risk to start a small restaurant using the skills I learnt from my mother.

During my time at the academy, I had a chance of visiting one of the seafood restaurants in Hamburg, a small place, with only five dishes. I was surprised that the food was so good and it was stuffed with people. Since the seminar had the theme of promoting entrepreneurship through free enterprise and private initiative in a free economy state, I was inspired to open up a seafood café in my home country. 

When I got back to Tanzania I decided to join forces with a close friend and we co-founded a seafood restaurant popularly known as Pweza Café. We picked the name Pweza, because in Tanzania, especially Dar es Salaam, fried Pweza (Octopus) is commonly sold in the streets, across the roads as a snack especially in the evening. Therefore we wanted to change people's mentality of Octopus that it can also be found in clean environment i.e cafe and not only in the streets.

Pweza Café is a seafood outlet located in the city of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania. The Café aims at targeting the middle-income population by serving them with fresh delicious and unique seafood dishes that takes into account the local taste at affordable prices. The Café menu includes traditional and modern side dishes making it suitable for customers from every part of the world. The seafoods served include Octopus, prawns and calamari which are freshly caught from the Indian Ocean. We take seafood to a whole new level by mixing it with Makange recipe. Makange is a popular thick spicy gravy in Tanzania and Pweza Café is the only one offering it in seafood.