Freedom in São Tomé and Príncipe

The Political Context, State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Capital: São Tomé

Population: 204,327     

GDP 2017 (US$ million): 390.87 

Language: Portuguese

Political Regime Type: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

President: Evaristo Carvalho

Current Political Context

  • In August 2016 voters elected the current president as the head of state
  • The Independent Democratic Action (ADI) party won 33 of 55 National Assembly seats in elections held 2014

State of Democracy

  • Elections in 2014 and 2016 have been deemed fair and free by international observers
  • However, elections scheduled in 2017 have been delayed to 2018 due to lacks of funds

State of Rule of Law

  • Government has taken steps to investigate and prosecute officials who committed abuses, but authorities rarely punish those officials—making impunity still a large problem

State of Human Rights

  • Most significant human rights issues are harsh prison conditions, police beating of arrestees, threats to freedom of expression (including press), official corruptions, and child labor

Freedom House Democracy Index Score (2018): 82/100