FNF Hosts a Week Long Human Rights Seminar in Mali

The 5th Training Session in International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and Refugee Law on 5 - 10 February
Events01.02.2018Kenza Daldoul

The Bamako session aims at offering a French-speaking audience residing in the sub-Saharan and Sahelian regions access to high-quality training in the field of international human rights law and international criminal law. 

It is aimed towards a wide range of actors committed to the protection of human rights including lawyers, judges, state authorities, security forces, NGOs and the civil society. The Participants are brought together to develop a common understanding of the challenges facing the international protection of human rights.

This project therefore contributes to the strengthening of the rule of law in Africa. Promoting human rights law within national institutions and jurisdictions and also enhancing their understanding of international legal instruments is necessary to ensure better implementation of these rights.

In numbers:

  • 5 training sessions organised in Bamako.
  • 514 professionals trained between 2014 and 2017.
  • 6 international speakers in 2018.
  • 14 countries represented in 2018.

Parallel to the 5th training session, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and its partners have developed a program of side events so the lessons and messages of the session are delivered to a wider audience.

  • Workshops aimed at the Bamako Bar and the Constitutional Court on international human rights law.
  • Movie screenings in partnership with the association “Cine Droit Libre” which organises movie festivals on human rights and freedom of expression in West Africa.
  • Interviews and TV shows on national television.