Disinformation & Media Freedom


Disinformation and censorship are among the greatest threats to freedom in the 21st century. The global topic takes up these threats and discusses counter measures in a constructive way. The slogan for the global campaign is "Combatting Disinformation and Censorship". 

"Disinformation is Drowning Democracy" was the headline of Foreign Policy magazine in April 2019. The headline provides a short definition of disinformation as„ the strategic dissemination of false reports and content with the aim of negatively influencing democratic discourse in a society“. Disinformation becomes even more dangerous if it goes hand in hand with state censorship and the curtailment of civil liberties. Studies show that populists in particular use disinformation as an instrument to influence and incite citizens. Freedom of expression and information can come under extreme pressure, even so strong that governments resort to autocratic methods. The responsibility for combating disinformation and censorship cannot lie solely with global tech companies. Global cooperation is needed to establish technical tools, formulate normative responses and raise public awareness.