Climate Change


After the COP 21, the international community has agreed on a long term goal of limiting the global warming to well below 2 degrees. In order to reach the desired goal, the global emission should drop to 22 Gt Co2e by 2050. However, a 2019 report from the Climate Tracker grassroots movement shows that greenhouse gas emission have increased after the ratification of Paris agreement and would likely to double in the following years.

The underlying challenge lies in the existing mitigation programmes of world countries that are not in line with the course of the Nationally Determined Contributions. This means that we cannot rely solely on state programmes but also on the involvement of the private sector & civil society to generate innovative solutions to tackle this problem. Technological approaches in addressing climate change are now unavoidable. New breakthrough created by technological innovation can help in the implementation of effective mitigation strategy and transitioning the path towards sustainable development.