Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge Finalists

The Top Ten Freedom Innovators
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom sub-Saharan Africa

Congratulations to the top 10 finalists of the FNF Africa Freedom Innovation Challenge. The finalists come from Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa & Zimbabwe. The selected ideas all have the potential to advance freedom in Africa. What happens next? 

Each of the ten candidates will receive a 500 Euro grant to pitch their idea to FNF Africa by the end of August 2019. The top three candidates will be announced at the end of October and they will each receive a 5000 Euro grant to bring their idea to reality.

FNF English

App providing information on family planning and sexual reproductive health for young people in the villages of Nigeria.

Odusote, Bami - Nigeria
FNF English

Using digital technology to enhance transparency and accountability in the management of the Constituency Development Fund in Malawi.

Phalira, Welton - Malawi
FNF English

Policy Vault is an online repository for government policies, business regulations, laws and macroeconomic data of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sorunke, Ridwan - African American
FNF English

A video social series to indirectly educate the electorate about the role of local government.

Du Preez, Clinton - South Africa
FNF English

An e-Inclusive "ideas box" for youth and disadvantaged groups.

Nsobila, Emmanuel - Ghana
FNF English

Salama Space app provides women with information regarding human rights and access to justice.

Usaiwevhu, Itayi - Zimbabwe
FNF English

Using the art of interactive 'djembe' drumming and especially dance to create a gateway and form of expression of freedom.

Mouers, Jonathan - South Africa
FNF English

Fika Africa empowers youth with sustainable solutions in education, environment and agricultural sustainability, healthcare, financial literacy and life skills.

Tairo, Regan Michael - Tanzania
FNF English

Politricks SA is an online and social media platform to encourage young people to engage in socio-economic and political matters.

Ramokgopa, Jimmy - South Africa
FNF English

Urban warrior movement is activism through t-shirt designs in Kenya.

Njuguna, Robert - Kenya