Advancing LGBTQI Digital Activism in Africa

FNF Africa Partners with All Out and African Queer Youth Initiative
Announcement02.04.2019Mthoba Chapi
African LGBTQI refugees who are seeking refuge in Africa pose for pictures during the launch of a handbook and video series documenting their challenges at home and awayFriedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom sub-Saharan Africa

Foundation for Freedom, in partnership with African Queer Youth Initiative and All Out, are to launch a digital capacity and effectiveness training programme for 25 young LGBT+ activists across six countries in the region.

The project, which will take effect in June 2019, will contribute to effective, creative, non-violent, youth activism for LGBTQI rights in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The young activists will engage in participatory training and create an effective network of empowered change makers across the region. “Our goal is to equip LGBTQI youth with the necessary tools and skills they need for advancing their rights. We are super excited about this project. We look forward to working with members of our community and our partners in achieving the goals of this project. Najeeb Fokeerbux, Board Chairperson at AQYI.

The training will further give the participants a better understanding of advocating for sexual health and rights, and the opportunity to launch and run their own digital campaigns through a state-of-the-art online activism platform. “It is essential that a new generation of LGBT+ activists is equipped with the skills, experience, and the networks across Africa and beyond to operate successfully at political, social, and legal levels. It is of particularly critical importance that this new generation has the capacity to claim their rights in the digital space. This project services these goals,” said Matt Beard, Executive Director at All Out.


This training programme adds on to the increased advocacy programmes for LGBTQI rights by FNF Africa in the region. Currently, the Foundation supports the distribution of informative/educational content on LGBTQI related issues via a Facebook page called Africa’s Pride. FNF Africa has also recently launched an LGBTQI refugee handbook and video series where LGBTQI refugees from across Africa speak about their experiences of leaving their home countries and seeking refuge in South Africa. “In thirty-three African countries ‘same-sex sexual acts’ are still illegal, and in a number of countries punishable by death. Whilst in some countries there is already increased tolerance towards homosexuality, in others the reverse is happening. With this project we seek to support especially young Africans who work to improve the situation.” Jules Maaten, FNF’s regional Director for Subsahara Africa.