30 Facts on 30 Years of German Unity

2020 Marks the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Day of German Unity.
Issues05.10.2020Friedrich Naumann Foundation
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October 3, 2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Day of German Unity. In a few years Germany, which was reunited in 1990, will have existed longer than its divided predecessor. People in Germany have experienced alot together over the past 30 years: the first participation of the Bundeswehr in NATO's Kosovo mission, the attacks on the World Trade Center, the introduction of the Euro, the world financial crisis and the Corona crisis are only symbolic of the many challenges that had to be overcome in both East and West Germany. 

These experiences have allowed Germans to further grow together. The terms "East" and "West" are becoming increasingly blurred. But that this would happen was not a given. Both parts of Germany had to bridge a divide before they could grow together again. Not only dealing with the political realities of unification proved to be a big challenge. Putting the underlying basics of German unity - the Einheitsvertrag - on a sound legal footing and reviving the East German economy were tremendous achievements.