Freedom of Expression and Digital Rights Under Attack

Zimbabwe’s economy continues to tumble down the abyss with a budget deficit of more than USD$1.2 billion, spontaneous price hikes, basic commodity and fuel shortages, jobs crisis,  a biting cash...

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Cyber Security1

How Authoritarian Electoral Democracies Thrive - Zimbabwe

Since the year 2000, Zimbabwe’s elections have been openly disputed. Disappointingly, unlike in Kenya this year, no court in Zimbabwe has ever concurred with the opposition’s concerns and its...

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The 8th Training Session in International Migration & Human Rights - West Africa

The human being has always been exemplified by an ardent desire to move freely. This right to leave a point A and to choose a point B as a destination in all tranquility is governed by international...

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FNF Dakar

Challenges to Democracy in Africa [August 2016]

The aim of the FNF sub-Saharan Africa country gathering in Johannesburg was to discuss some of the challenges against democracy on the continent. This included analysing challenges facing fair and...

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Start Up Africa - Bonn, Germany 12 September

"Africa should not be classified as a continent of crises but as a continent that provides multiple opportunities. Together with our African partners we will explore the potentials of a paradigm...

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start up Africa

I Was (s)hot in Joburg

Germans love travelling to South Africa. Every year, the beautiful beaches, the exotic wildlife, the fascinating landscapes and not least the favourable exchange rate attract millions of tourists to...

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Mr Hubertus von Welck's Retirement From Freedom Service Honored [2016]

"On behalf of the President of the Republic, I hereby give you the Ivorian Order of Merit with the rank of an officer," said Juventur d'Ivoires, Sidi Touré, to Mr Hubertus von Welck when he retired...

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FNF Africa Freedom Award Lecture Ceremony [2016]

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom launched and awarded its first ever Freedom Award on 28 November 2016. This award seeks to recognise those individuals who speak, stand firmly and headstrong...

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The DA/FNF Transportation & Mobility Summit

The FNF supported Transport and Mobility Summit on Friday 25-26 August in Port Elizabeth, South Africa received extensive media coverage over the past weekend. The Summit, which was hosted by the...

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Mobility Sum

FNF Sub-Saharan Africa High School Debate Initiatives

FNFs project offices in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania have been hosting a series of high school debate initatives in 2017. The debate programmes are a way of training future politicians who...

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Debate Prizes