FNF #FallingWallsLabAbidjan Finale

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom organised the national final of the competition Falling Walls Lab Abidjan 2017 on Thursday 29 June, under the framework of promoting entrepreneurship and...

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FNF Dakar is Looking for Entrepreneurs to Share their Failure & Rebound Stories

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) began organising "FuckUp Nights" in Dakar in 2016. This concept, created in 2012 in Mexico, consists of organising a series of events where...

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Freeda Wants You to Join the Freedom Team at the Soweto Marathon in November

5 November 2017 marks the day of the SOWETO Marathon, and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in partnership with the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) are aligning our very own Freedom Run to...

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FNF Sub-Saharan Africa Freiheitstag

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is hosting Freiheitstag, or Freedom Day, in the countries where we have representation in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The purpose of the events are to...

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FNF Supported Cote d'Ivoire Initiative Gets Second Place at Africa Liberty Forum

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom supported Audace Institut Afrique's Acteur Communau’TERRE programme was honored with the 2nd prize for the best African Programme at the 2017 Africa...

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Africa Should Be FREE to Advance

The days are long gone when Africa was thought of as a “dark continent”, of which not much was known and even less expected. In fact, a mere few years ago Africa was seen as the “continent of the...

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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has been working in Mali since 2013.  The Foundation’s director for West Africa, Jo Holden, and his team coordinate activities in Mali from their offices...

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Mali FNF

Fighting for Freedom is Borderless - Democratic Alliance

DA supports its sister party, the Liberal Party of the Philippines in its unceasing efforts to call the government to account to corruption and extrajudicial killings. The DA stands by LP in its...

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Transformational Leadership for Women from Liberal Parties in Senegal

Programme For The Development Of Competencies In Transformational Leadership For The Effective Positioning Of Liberal Women In The Joint Parties' Bodies And Better Effectiveness Of Their Political...

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The Role of Property Rights and Tenure in Climate Variability and Change

The nature of farmers' property rights has a direct bearing on the use they make of their land: insecurity of tenure tends to lead to short-term thinking, which in turn encourages the adoptation of...

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