Official Observers to the Elections in South Africa

Elections are the expression of the will of the people and they determine the fate of a country’s political, social and economic growth. With this act, the Foundation is demonstrating its commitment...

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Elections South Africa

Advancing LGBTQI Digital Activism in Africa

The project, which will take effect in June 2019, will contribute to effective, creative, non-violent, youth activism for LGBTQI rights in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The young activists...

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South Africa’s Elections - A test of Hope in a changing Society

Since South Africa became a free country in 1994 under the leadership of then President Nelson Mandela, the country’s politics was generally easy to understand, and elections relatively easy to...

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Elections South Africa

Towards a Free Trade Agreement between Africa and the European Union

“This Continent-to-Continent free trade agreement could help create up to 10 million new jobs in Africa. It could one day form one giant free-trade zone, a partnership between equals,” the members...

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Freedom Means Change

"The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is the creative innovation platform for the social mediation of freedom." That is why we have initiated a foundation-wide process that sharpens our messages inward...

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FNF New Logo

Congo: Not as Democratic as it Seems

The elections in Congo go in a similar direction of what we have seen recently in countries such as Kenia and Zimbabwe. The old governing elites rigged the results, using the excuse of "keeping calm...

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DRC elections

SA's Next Great Human Rights Battle

Today is International Human Rights Day, a day that marks the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. 2018 presents a particularly special...

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Human Rights

Is Liberalism a Feasible Political Concept for Development in Africa?

In researching for this debate, my entry point was to what extent we Africans have been able to define Liberalism and how far we have embraced the label. I say so because leftist groups have cast...

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Rejoice Ngwenya mthoba.chapi@fnst.org

To be free, Africa must be liberated from its liberators

Our story in Africa has been a recycling of oppressive regimes, one after the other, in search of resources that can be exported to enhance the freedoms of others. Back then it was human capital and...

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Mmusi Freedom Speech mthoba.chapi@fnst.org

The 2018 FNF Africa Freedom Speech and Award

The 2018 Freedom Speech will be given by Mmusi Maimane, the Leader of the South African Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday, 29 November 2018. Mmusi Maimane will also receive the 2018 African...

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Freedom Speech 2018 mthoba.chapi@fnst.org