The Two Key Audiences I Live For: Women and ‘Deviant’ Groups

A few months later, I joined African Women and Child Feature Services as an intern. One of my assignments was to cover the World Social Forum which took place at the beginning of 2007. The fact that...

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Civil society for women

Property Rights Indispensable to Brighter Future for Women in Africa

Women in Africa remain excluded from the benefits of property ownership, and this must receive the attention of African policy makers and society at large. This is the message from a new study by the...

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Property rights

Ethiopia Stands on the Cusp of Civil War

Ethiopia is facing a humanitarian crisis after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the country’s federal government fell out. In the past two weeks, hundreds of people from Tigray have...

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The Danger of Living with Albinism in a Highly Superstitious Society

While he speaks openly about his condition, he is clearly still very distressed by the circumstances in which he lost his elder brother, Enoch Lugadiru, almost exactly five years ago. Enoch died...

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Abortion in Senegal: The Dilemma of Single Women

"A friend told me about a clinic that performs medical abortions clandestinely but in good conditions. However, they gave me an estimate that exceeds my annual salary and Matar does not want to...

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Abortion Senegal

How Zimbabwe Normalised the "bucket-a-day” Life

In Zimbabwe the water crisis has been swept under the rug for far too long. They say Zimbabweans are resilient and by any measure that much is true. So, how is it that for over 15 years, decent...

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Zim water crisis

Disinformation and the Threat to Democracy

Democracy is under threat worldwide. Disinformation campaigns deliberately seeking to polarise public opinion and undermine trust in government are wreaking havoc with democratic institutions and...

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Disinformation and Democracy

Photo Collage - Covid 19 Change and Challenges in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s economy is primarily informal. The southern African nation, with a score of 60,6 percent, has the world’s second largest informal economy after Bolivia (62,3 percent), according to the ...

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Zim Photobook

Finishing an unfinished Symphony

On Thursday, 12 November 2020, MIAGI - Music is a great Investment partnered with FNF Africa to present a live-streamed roundtable event “Finishing an unfinished Symphony”. The event is a follow up...

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Finishing an unfinished symphony

Elusive Justice for Defiled Four-Year-Old from Nairobi

According to Childline Kenya, cases of defilement of children aged between three and sixteen drastically shot up following the closure of schools in March 2020. “And more than 90 per cent (of the...

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Minor rape