Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Mobility Workshop

    FNF South Africa's Mobility and Transport Design Thinking Workshop June 2018

    The Innovative Methodology of Design Thinking and How to Apply Design Thinking to Concrete Mobility and Transport Challenges
  • CI

    Practice in Creation Optimisation of Blogging, Web Writing and Cyber ​​Security

    FNF Côte d'Ivoire hosted its first Blog Training Workshop
  • IREN Kenya

    The Inter Region Economic Network's Technologies and Innovations Challenge 2018

    Focused on the Use of Technologies and Innovations to Bolster Food Security in the East Africa Region

    Innovation in Politics & Campaigning Study Tour to South Africa

    Visiting Liberals Witness South Africa's Democratic Alliance in Action at #DACongress2018

    FNF Co-hosts Week Long Human Rights Seminar in Mali

    The 5th Annual Training Session in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law
  • Breaking free2

    Breaking Free! FNF's 2017 Annual Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony

    27 October 2017 in Johannesburg
  • good gov africa

    FNF Promotes Good Governance in Africa

    Africa Liberal Network's Executive Committee Meets in Dakar, Senegal 18 - 20 October
  • 2

    FNF Launches 'Freedom Versus' Podcast Series

    8 Episode Podcast Series Examining Perennial Topics
  • #FNFreedomrunners

    Highlights from the 2017 #FNFREEDOMRUN

    FNF Runs the Soweto Marathon to Promote Freedom in the Region

FNF Sub-Saharan Africa


We are the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, an independent German organisation that is committed to promoting liberal policy and politics around the world in the form of human rights, the rule of law, democracy and free market economy principals.

We have been active in sub-Saharan Africa since 1991. Our sub-Saharan Africa regional office is in Johannesburg, South Africa. We furthermore have offices in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We also do regular work in Mali and Kenya, however we currently do not have an office in Mali or Kenya.

Our work focuses on formulating relevant liberal reform concepts that further the democratic and economic development of countries. We train public representatives and party office bearers with a view of developing liberal solutions for political, strategic and organisational challenges.

In cooperation with our think tank partners, we analyse political and economic freedom in Africa and introduce liberal approaches into political and policy debates.

In particular, we focuse on developing solutions to political and economic problems that are a result of weaknesses in the rule of law and democratic principles, poor education systems, infrastructural shortcomings and excessive regulation. We also believe that Africa has to be free from corruption, free from red-tape, in order to be #freetoadvance


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