Breaking Free! FNF's 2017 Annual Freedom Speech and Award Ceremony
27 October 2017 in Johannesburg
FNF Promotes Good Governance in Africa
Liberal Network Executive Committee in Dakar, Senegal 18 - 20 October
International Migration and Human Rights
FNF in Dakar Hosts a two Week Programme Around Migration and Human Rights
FNF Launches 'Freedom Versus' Podcast Series
8 Episode Podcast Series Examining Perennial Topics
FNF in Tanzania Hosted the 7th Inter Region Economic Network's (IREN) Thought Leader Forum in Arusha
The Aim Was to Identify Strategies that Enable East Africans to Advance their Own Political and Socio Economic Systems
Falling Walls Lab 2017 in Cote D'ivoire Reaches the Business End
Samuel Sevi Wins a Trip to the International Finals in Berlin
Highlights from the 2017 #FNFREEDOMRUN
FNF Runs the Soweto Marathon to Promote Freedom in the Region
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Helps Train Liberal Women Leaders
Women Liberal Leaders from Senegal and Mali get Extensive Leadership Training from FNF
FNF Sub-Saharan Africa


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom works throughout the world in over 50 countries to promote human rights, the rule of law, democracy and the principle of a free market economy.

The Foundation has been activite in sub-Saharan Africa since 1991. The organisations sub-Saharan Africa's Regional Office is in South Africa. Regionally, the Foundation furthermore has offices in Cote d'IvoireKenyaSenegalTanzania and Zimbabwe. There is work the Foundation does in Mali and Kenya however there is currently no office in Mali and Kenya.

The Foundation’s work focuses on formulating relevant liberal reform concepts that further the democratic and economic development of countries. We train public representatives and party office bearers with a view to developing liberal solutions for political, strategic and organisational challenges. Cross-border regional networks that have an impact at a national and regional level serve to integrate and strengthen liberal partners further.

In cooperation with its think tank partners, the Foundation analyses political and economic freedom in Africa and introduces liberal approaches into political and policy debates.

In particular, the Foundation focuses on developing solutions to political and economic problems that are a result of weaknesses in the rule of law and democratic principles, poor education systems, infrastructural shortcomings and excessive regulation (red tape).



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